Motion Design




Mutek is a Montreal-based festival dedicated to the development of digital creativity in sound, in music, and in audio-visual art. The festival has grown internationally since 2000 and offers an avant-garde lineup of artists innovating in electronic music and digital art. Every year, a promotional video is dedicated to revealing the artist lineup.

MUTEK poster


As new technology develops and arises everyday, artists have the choice to experiment with numerous digital applications to express their art form. The approach will highlight the collaboration between artists familiar with 3D design, motion graphics, and sound design. As a team, it is easy to highlight the strength of every individual to create a final project based on experimentation.


The 2020 MUTEK promotional video explores multiple design forms based on the strengths of three artists. The visuals are created by a 3D visual artist, Antoine Morency-Duplentie. He designed multiple experimental visuals with a futuristic edge to go along with Vie 4, a song created by Orange Tone, a sound designer. His audio contribution enhances the visuals, the kinetic typography, and the art direction guided by yours truly. The final project is an appreciation of creativity applied to sound, to music and to audio-visual art, all at the core of the Mutek festival.