Future relic

Daniel Arsham is a contemporary visual artist whose works exist in between art, architecture, and design. Arsham reinterprets existing materials and shapes them into surreal decayed sculptures he refers to as Future Relics. The name is the guiding source of inspiration to create a limited edition art book based on Arsham’s work. 

Future Relic by Daniel Arsham book coverFuture Relic white box coverSpreads of Future Relic by Daniel ArshamFuture Relic packaging close upFuture Relic art book with multiple spreads


The final cover features Arsham’s sculpture of a man extruding from a wall called “Hidden Figure”. The book is placed inside a white box with a magnetic flap, mimicking Arsham’s very own packaging. Opening the book reveals spreads divided into relevant collections influencing his career from his Future Relic collection to his collaboration with Dior in 2019. After hours of research on Arsham’s career, it felt appropriate to honor his techniques and aesthetics by reinterpreting his art on the book cover and packaging. 

Future Relic packaging open