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Compost Montreal is Montreal’s leading composting service since its inauguration in 2011. Their mission is to divert as much organic waste from landfills as well as taking part in promoting a sustainable lifestyle in numerous events in the community. The assignment was to renew Compost Montreal’s visual identity to align with the incredible work they are doing for the community. It is time to reach a wider audience.

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Having carte blanche on the rebranding means finding a new voice to match Compost Montreal’s values. There is a need to change people’s perception of what a compost company can be and the strategy is to proceed with a playful, fresh, approachable brand image even your grandmother would be inclined to join. It felt essential to focus on the community, meaning the progressive, youthful, playful Montreal community.


The new visual identity was achieved by applying a cheerful color palette that can’t be ignored. The big and bold layers of typography reflects the numerous layers to composting as well as looking friendly and approachable. The mascot “Smiley” was created based on the arrow of the logo to associate a face to the brand. A smile conveys a sense of positivity and friendliness in the brand.

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